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North East Zanzibar Beaches

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Sunset At Pwani MchanganiSouth on the same coast of Matemwe there's a village called Pwani Mchangani and it is one of the largest fishing villages on the island. Watch for the turnoff as you're driving north toward Matemwe. Further down the same coast is the village of Kiwengwa. Northeast of Stone Town there are a few resorts on the coast but they are mostly for package tours and are sold to visitors sight unseen in places like Milan and Frankfurt.

Pwani Mchangani - North East ZanzibarThey are more expensive than guesthouses and they have less Zanzibari/African flavor than the small guesthouses.

The food tends to be Italian served on plates imported from Italy and at night there are discos at which guests do the Macarena.

Not all of the large resorts are this way, but it's a good thing to look into if you're going to spend some time at one.

An advantage of a large resort is its swimming pool.

When the tide is out on the East Coast, there's no sea swimming and pools are a welcome import from the modern world.

Mapenzi Beach - North East ZanzibarResorts on the coast south of and around Pwani Mchangani are Mapenzi Beach Village, Coral Reef Village, Kiwengwa Club Village and Karibu Club Village.

Don't let the names fool you – there are no local villages at these resorts.

Between Kiwengwa and Mapenzi there's a place called Shooting Star Restaurant and Bungalows.

It's near the sea (near enough for breeze and view) and miles from the nearest anything else. The food's terrific and everything is prepared fresh daily.

They're building bungalows and at the time of print, five were finished and available for guests.

You'll want to stay there and sleep on the bluff instead of facing the bumpy ride home after dinner – but dinner is worth the trip even if you don't stay overnight.

Tamarind Beach Hotel - North East  ZanzibarOne of the last villages on the lower half of the northern stretch of the east coast is called Uroa and it is home to the new Zanzibar Safari Club, the Tamarind Beach Hotel and Uroa White Villa.

Although these places won't be featuring blaring discos into the night, they will have swimming pools (except the Tamarind), bars and other modern facilities as well as offering deep-sea fishing, diving and other water sports.

The village of Uroa is a small fishing village in which visitors can walk around and explore. Be sure to ask permission before taking any photographs of people.

Chwaka Bay

The last village on the northern half of the East Coast is Chwaka and it is actually south of the northern most point on the Southern Coast, Ras Michamvi.

Chwaka Bay - North East ZanzibarAttractions in Chwaka are seaweed farming, fishing boats and excellent snorkeling (if you can get to the reef).

Be sure you get the tides right if you plan on snorkeling at Chwaka Bay because if it’s out when you arrive, you have a long walk ahead of you.

You may consider booking a ride on a boat from The Chwaka Bay Hotel or from Breezes or Karafuu - depending on which side of the Bay you are on.

The Chwaka Bay Hotel can be found by taking the road out of town that heads almost due east. This is road will also get you to Uroa and Pongwe.

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Michelle Kimberley

Just got back last night - what a trip! Kenya versus Botswana.... It is a hard question to answer and something I have been thinking about a lot over the past 2 weeks. Botswana is very different - I like that there are less people and that you are on a private concession. But, on the other hand, it seems like you really need to visit at least 3 camps to really see everything. I think for someone like me, Botswana is really a great place to go - since I know I will go again and experience the other camps. But for people who are going only once in a lifetime, then I think I am inclined to suggest Kenya - you see it all at once and stay at one camp. I am so glad you convinced me to go to Botswana though - it really was a wonderful experience. I d...

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