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Uganda Travel Tips

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Gorilla in UgandaUganda Weather

In most regions of Uganda there are quite distinctive wet and dry seasons. In much of the southern half, rainfall occurs around March to May and September to November, with the period of June-July and December-January being relatively dry. In northern Uganda the two rainy seasons run together, in effect extending from April to October. In most of Uganda rain falls in the afternoons - although early morning and evening rains do occur at times. However, in parts of western Uganda, the rainfall is predominantly in the form of thunder-storms, and severe hailstorms are frequent, damaging crops and soil cover.

The region surrounding Lake Victoria - sometimes called the Lake Victoria crescent - receives well-distributed rainfall throughout the year, with a relatively dry season between December and March and June-July. The afternoon rains common in the region clear away after a few hours and the land dries up rapidly when the sun appears.

The north-eastern part of Uganda (the Karamoja region) is drier than the rest of the country, partly as a result of the influence of the passage of wind from Somalia (the water vapour content is low the time the winds reach the region after passing through the Ethiopian and Kenyan highlands).

The rainy season in the north-east is April to August, with a marked minimum in June and marked peaks in May and July.

The hilly areas attract more rains, but they are generally heavy and brief, causing sheet erosion and carrying everything down in the seasonal stream and river valleys miles beyond where they originated.

The mean temperature over the whole of Uganda shows little variation, save for the mountainous districts of western Uganda and around Mount Elgon. In west 4 degrees centigrade (39 degrees F) and rise to 21 degrees centigrade (70 degrees F) IN kabala District, whereas in Mbarara District it can climb as high as 29.5 degrees centigrade (85 degrees F), with drastic daily variations. In Karamoja, temperatures can reach 35 degrees centigrade (95 degrees F) during the dry season and 26.6 degrees centigrade (80 degrees F) during the wet months.

What to Wear

Informality is the norm. For daytime wear, sports shirts and slacks for men, light cotton dress, skirts and tops for women. In hotels a little formality may be required. If you are going into the mountains a sweater and strong walking shoes will be needed. A hat for protection against the sun, sunglasses and swim ware should also be packed .Avoid bright colours on safari. Brown, beige, dark green and khaki clothing is recommended.

What To Take

While equipment is available for hire in certain places, it is best for you to bring in such items as fishing tackle, golf clubs and climbing gear. Bring a camera or camcorder, spare batteries and a pair of binoculars.

On Safari

Game parks are not zoos. They are home to wild animals. Visitors should never, for any reason, leave their vehicles. If there's a breakdown you should stay in your car and wait for help. Those going on Safari alone, should make sure someone is aware of the region to which they are heading and of the time they expect to return. Walking safaris should be undertaken when accompanied by a qualified guide. And remember that famous motto of the bush: take nothing but a photograph and leave nothing but a footprint.

Uganda Visas - Passports

Ugandan Visas are issued at the Uganda missions - embassies abroad and also at the points of entries.

Uganda Visa Fees

Student Visa USD 20
Single Entry Visa USD 30
6 months Multiple Entry Visa USD 80
1 year Multiple Entry Visa USD 160
Inland Transit Visa USD 15

Countries Exempted From Visa to Uganda

Angola, Antigua, Comoros, Bahamas, Eritrea, Barbados, Belize, Kenya, Fiji, Malawi, Mauritius, Gambia, Madagascar, Grenada, Jamaica, Rwanda, Seychelles, Lesotho, Swaziland, Malta, Tanzania, Sierra Leone, Zambia, Singapore, Zimbabwe, Solomon Islands, St. Vincent, Tonga, Vanuatu, Italy (only Diplomatic Passports), Cyprus

Feedback From Clients

Tom Roninson

Hi Davies we are back after a wonderful trip. Everything went very well no hitches or glitches. The last camp was in transition with new managers coming on, b t they still did a great job. The drivers and trackers were the best we ever had and Rovos Rail was perfect for comfort and meeting interesting people from everywhere in the world. The hotels were excellent and worth every dime. So thanks again for everything.

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