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Tanzania Bird Watching Safaris

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Blue Bird - TanzaniaWhile neighbouring Kenya has deservedly been recognized as one of the best birding destinations on the planet, Tanzania is now fast on its heels. Considerably larger, it encompasses a fine variety of habitats, many shared with adjacent countries, but it almost wholly contains the Eastern Arc mountain range. This range of hills is now regarded as the continent’s most important biological hotspot.

ParrotsStarting on the balmy tropical coast, we’ll look for a number of local species before setting off for Mikumi National Park, whose mixture of acacia and miombo woodlands is usually associated with regions farther to the south. In the open floodplains we may see a rich mammal fauna including Elephant, Zebra, Giraffe and maybe Lion, and we’ll search out some of the miombo bird specialties.

From here we’ll descend to the warmer lowlands of Ifakara on the lazy winding Kilombero River. We’ll look for the three Kilombero bird endemics and perhaps also find a few species at their northern limits of distribution. Next we’ll explore the nearby forest slopes of the Ndzungwa National Park, where we hope to find Livingstone’s Flycatcher and perhaps Livingstone’s Turaco skulking among the lush lowland forest vegetation.

Retracing our steps we’ll visit the Ulugurus for the remarkable Uluguru Bush-Shrike, duetting Fulleborn’s Boubou and the more numerous Loveridge’s Sunbird. The richest center for endemism is found in the East and West Usambaras, where we’ll spend nearly a week looking for such specialties and should encounter a number of the region’s endemic reptile and butterfly fauna as well.

Departing the Eastern Arc we’ll visit some semi- arid acacia bushland, rich in Somalian arid species, eventually arriving at Arusha, the business capital of the country. If time permits, we’ll investigate Lake Duluti, an attractive crater lake. Our final day will be spent in the incomparable Ngorongoro Crater among the rich mammal fauna, including Black Rhinoceros, Spotted Hyena, antelopes of many species and of course Lion and Cheetah. This tour is designed to find the bird specialties of Tanzania and thus does not visit the better-known Serengeti National Park. Nevertheless we can expect an excellent variety of mammal species, some of which will be endemic.

Tanzania Bird Watching Safaris


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Dear Davies, We had an amazing trip to Africa and can't thank you enough for everything you did! There were no problems anywhere whatsoever, the Orient Express camps were incredible, the wildlife was breathtaking and all 10 travelers were thrilled. Thanks again for putting together such a great trip. I will be sending anyone I know your way when it comes to booking travel to Africa!

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