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Vwaza Marsh Game Reserve

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Buffalo Herd in Vwaza Marsh Game ReserveVwaza Marsh Game Reserve sees very few visitors , despite its easy access, inexpensive accommodation and rich diversity of animals and birds.
It lies southwest of the Nyika Plateau, to the north of the floodplains of South Rukuru River and covers an area of 1,000 km. Road conditions are poor particularly in the raining season when a 4x4 vehicle is essential. The terrain is generally flat and the dominant vegetation type is mixed brachystegia and mopane woodland.

Elephant Herd in Vwaza Marsh Game ReserveThe populations of large animals vary from season to season as they cross the border from and to Zambia's Luangwa Game reserve.

The reserve houses large herds of buffalo and elephants, and a great variety of antelope are present, including roan, greater kudu, Liechtenstein's hartebeest, eland and impala.

The birdlife include Goliath Herons, Openbill Storks, many birds of prey and the rare White-winged Starling. Lake Kazuni supports a good population of hippo and elephants can often be seen around the lake. Walking is permitted in this area (accompanied by a game scout).

A vast amount of wildlife can be seen around Kazuni camp and the lake, a truly spectacular sight. A daily entrance fee is charged.


Kazuni Safari  Camp - Vwaza Marsh, MalawiKazuni Safari Camp - This camp comprises four twin bedded rondavels made entirely of poles and grass with en-suite facilities and a main restaurant - bar under a secluded grove of Acacia trees.

Kazuni Camp - Self Catering - five grass huts with beds and mosquito nets and a central ablution block. Cooking places provided. All in a patch of evergreen trees

Camping Right next to the self-catering camp (and using the same ablution block) is a campsite for those with their own tents.

Feedback From Clients

Pam and Mark Payne

We are back without scratches, or bites!!! I just wanted to let you know how much we loved our trip to Rwanda. It was clean, beautiful, safe, friendly, and breathtaking views. If you need a referral, or anyone wants to know what it is like I would be glad to talk to them. Thanks for putting up with me as always. We truly enjoyed our visit with Cristina and Carol as well. 850 plus miles on the car, wine, elephants, monkeyland, ocean, birds, and great company. If you ever make it to Michigan, you must look us up. I referred two friends of mine to you. Her name is Bunny. She wants to gorilla trek next year. She will be in touch I think. Best to you and your family for 2008!

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