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Nkhotakota Game Reserve

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Hyena in Nkhotakota Game ReserveNkhotakota Game Reserve is the oldest among all the game reserves in Malawi. It is also the largest among all the game reserves but is not maintained by the National Park and Wildlife Department.

The Nkhotakota Game Reserve in Malawi is located on the plains of the river Bua that is 115 kilometers north of the capital city of Lilongwe.

Pels Fishing Owl In Nkhotakota Game ReserveThe presence of the Bua River, which flows through the middle of the destination, makes a lovely haunt for the anglers. This spot is famous for fishing, though permit is required from the concerned department.

The topography is steeply undulating, consisting of dominantly Brachystegia (Miombo) woodland, intercepted by the Bua and Kaombe Rivers.

Species such as Terminalia, Trichilia, Kigelia, Strychnos, and others, add to its diversity, explaining the abundance of over 250 bird species in the area, including the rare Palm-Nut Vulture.

The species range from Raptors such as the Martial Eagle, Brown and Black-Breasted Snake-Eagles, Steppe, Tawny, Wahlberg’s and Fish Eagles, African Harrier-Hawk, Harriers, Hawks Kites and Falcons, to Louries, Parrots, King-Fishers and Ground Hornbills to the many other seed, fruit and insect eaters.

Tree Squirrel in Nkhotakota Game ReserveA comprehensive list will be available at the lodge, in the form of check lists, for the visitor to tick off and take home. The same will apply to Trees, Mammals, Reptiles, Fish, Insects, Grasses and so on.

Some of the more common mammals to be found in NKKWR are elephants, buffalo, kudu, bushbuck, reedbuck, grey-duiker, zebra, roan, sable, bush-pig, warthog, ground and tree-squirrels, baboons [orange] vervet monkeys, bush-babies, lion, leopard, hyena, and homo-sapiens.

During the rainy season, November to April, the game disperses as there is water in all the streams and pools.

In the dry months, mainly July to October, the concentrations of animals, especially the water dependant species such as Elephant and Buffalo, remain close to the rivers [Bua and Kaombe.

The predators follow the food.

Leopard in Nkhotakota Game Reserve, MalawiUnlike the other game reserves there is not much to see in Nkhotakota Game Reserve of Malawi since this place is not looked after properly by the National Parks and Wildlife Department.

The condition is not at all conducive for the growth of animal lives. Some type of animals can be witnessed here like elephants, lion, Leopard, buffalo and hyenas.

There is no scarcity of birds though. Bird watching can still be a fun activity in this area. Above 300 species of birds are visible in Malawian Nkhotakota Game Reserve including species like Palmut Vulture and Pel's Fishing Owl.

Visitors can arrive at the Nkhotakota Game Reserve by road from Lilongwe. They can also arrive by boats through Lake Malawi. Since the wildlife department does not take care of this game reserve the roads have become almost inaccessible. Tourists can still go for a walk provided they have a guide for themselves.

Fortunately measures have been taken up to enhance the facilities in the reserve so that increasing number of people can visit the reserve. With this aim the department is working on implementing the plans, which will make it easy for the tourists to roam around the largest reserve in Malawi.

Accommodation facilities has been developed in this Nkhotakota Game Reserve to attract and accommodate more tourists

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