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Lengwe National Park

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Buffalos in Lengwe National Park, MalawiLengwe National Park in Malawi is a desiccated place. Only during the rainy season does one find the water gushing out with full vigor. The expanse of the park is 350 sq miles and is located at 80 kilometers from Blantrye, and also lies to the south of Majete.

Lengwe National Park - Malawi is covered with thick deciduous forests, and thicket. The region inclines from west to east. The eastern side is the low region while the western part of it is higher.

Female Nyala Antelope, Lengwe National ParkThere are many man-made water bodies around which one can spot the wildlife that inhabit this park. These water bodies are situated near the main gate of the park.

These artificial pools help quite a lot since this region does not have any perennial source of water. It is only during the rains that the park receives sufficient water.

There is a predominance of animals like leopards and hyenas. Antelopes are also sometimes seen near the water bodies. The most striking nyala might also be visible sometimes, though it is rare in Malawi.

The nyala is not easily visible anywhere in Southern Africa. Besides the nyala, kudu, duiker, small Livingston's suni, impala and bushbuck are all seen at certain time of the year. Animals like buffalo, warthog, baboon, monkey, and bush pig can also be seen at certain point of the year.

Nyala Lodge, Lengwe National Park, MalawiBirds belonging to different species also haunt the Lengwe National Park of Malawi. Among these some are exclusive to this park and are extremely beautiful to look at. 300 or more species of birds have been recorded at the Malawian Lengwe National Park.

There is a lodge for the purpose of accommodation. The government tourist lodge, which has been renamed as the Nyala Lodge was renovated in 2003 and have been given a new face.

All the amenities are now present in the lodge for the visitors. Lengwe National Park makes a great excursion spot from Blantyre, the commercial capital of Malawi.

Feedback From Clients

Gill Bradford Jones

Louis I had meant to get back with you as well. This was the trip of a lifetime! We had such an incredible experience. Cape Town was wonderful--perfect weather. Mala Mala was undoubtedly our favorite. Saw so much game and the guides now feel like extended family members. Vic Falls was beautiful but we weren't too crazy about the Zimbabwe experience. We didn't read enough of the fine print here--we might have been better off on the Zambia side. Seba Camp was the perfect ending to a memorable trip. I have 2000 photos and 3+ hours of video. It will be months of editing before I have something anyone will want to sit through! Thanks for all your help. We have some friends that will likely be contacting you to duplicate our trip!

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