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Lake Nakuru Express

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Lake Nakuru FlamingoesThe tour starts from Nairobi at about 06.00 Am drive through the floors of the Great Rift Valley, while making stops at the curio shops and also to admire the marvels at the breathtaking views of the escarpment en-route.

We arrive at Lake Nakuru National Park in time for a mid-morning game drive. Lunch at the Lake Sarova Lion Hill Lodge or similar, we will have another short game drive in the afternoon before we drive back to Nairobi arriving at about 18.00 hours.

Flamingoes in Lake NakuruThe Lake Nakuru National Park is located in the Rift Valley 1750 meters above sea level, Lake Nakuru is known as an ornithological paradise by birdwatchers because the lake is world famous as the location of the greatest bird spectacle on earth which boasts anywhere between one and two million lesser and greater pink flamingos that feed on the abundant algae thriving in the lakes warm waters.

It is one of the few parks that have been specifically established (Gazetted) for the protection of birds specifically flamingoes, more than 450 species of birds have been recorded here. The park has also been established for the protection of endangered species such as the rhino and is also home to Columbus monkeys, Leopards, Rhino, Giraffes, and a variety of plain antelope.

Lake Nakuru is famous for its Lesser and Greater Flamingoes and many other types of birds. There are also a number of animals in this park. Lake Nakuru is world famous for its Flamingoes. Come to the Rift Valley lake for a tour to see millions of Flamingoes as they feed and swim in the lake.

Hyrax Hill Prehistoric Site - Nakuru National Park

Several years ago a mighty migration of flamingos to Lake Nakuru swarmed upon the still waters of the lake, dubbed as "the greatest bird spectacle on earth." Today, these flamingos make this beautiful lake their home. Around the lake, volcanic craters and mountains fall and rise, creating a spectacular contrast of visual enormity and proportion. This place of beauty paints the setting of Hyrax Hill, prehistoric site at Lake Nakuru.

Four kilometers from Nakuru town center, Hyrax Hill, prehistoric site at Lake Nakuru, is found; 4.5 kilometers in girth, its base 100 meters above the level of the gentle surface of the lake. In 1926 this site first became noticed for its prehistoric value when paleontologist Louis Leakey discovered evidence of prehistoric habitation. Several years later, his wife Mary noticed more evidence of habitation; a walled fort and a group of pits.

Resultant excavations at Hyrax Hill, prehistoric site at Lake Nakuru, revealed three more prehistoric settlements dating back 3,000 years. Other chilling and mysterious evidence found includes the remains of 19 beheaded bodies that were laid to rest in an unusual posture and the long-forgotten tombs where ancient people were laid to rest.

The site was declared a national monument in 1943 and a museum was established in 1965, where you see how modern humans have tried to make sense of the remains of the bodies and the ways of life of these ancient people. Walking amongst these ruins, you experience the chill of walking on a site of a major Neolithic and Iron Age settlement, and you wonder what life might have been like in times such as those; times of the ancient Swahili, of trade routes and fiercely defended, walled cities.

You are given a glimpse into the lives of prehistoric humans that lived here; how they lived and how they survived the harsh elements; how they innovated, what they invented, what they ate and how they hunted, farmed and cooked, leaving you fascinated at the history of humans that is taken for granted every day in a modern technological age.

Evidence of the 'Bao' game carved into a rock exists, providing you with a fascinating glimpse into the history of these people. The Hyrax museum contains artifacts of this prehistoric settlement, and is an intriguing visit. Guided tours offer an interesting perspective on these discoveries. Vast views of lake Nakuru and the hills beyond stretch out from this fascinating hill, with a massive blue sky overhead.

Lake Nakuru Express


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Sanchez Sorretino

Our party of 6 (2 from USA & 4 from Lithuania) returned from a week's safari on Saturday August 11, 2007 - our first time in Africa and first safari. Our first exposure was the game drive after our guide Robert Kutu and Jack Wanjala picked us up at the Amboseli airstrip. We were astounded at the numbers of animals and birds that we saw that first day. This was followed by a night drive that evening. The following day was a 2-hour walk with Mike, followed by an afternoon visit to the Maasai village, sundowner and another night drive. Our entire experience, including the accommodations at the camp, was truly memorable, including the campfire and beautiful starry sky (and the early morning drive to the airstrip wrapped in ponchos against the morn...

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