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Malindi, Kenya

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Malindi, Kenya
Malindi, once known as Melinde is a town on Malindi Bay at the mouth of the Galana River, lying on the Indian Ocean coast of Kenya. It is 120 kilometres northeast of Mombasa. Malindi conjures up visions of a great historic town that has journeyed through ages.

The culture, economy and general setup of any given place changes with time, and Malindi has journeyed through these eras with much pomp and flair from the time of the early Chinese and Arab traders to the Portuguese sailors and later on to European settlers who alongside other investors have transformed Malindi into a reputable destination of tourism importance.

Yet there is still much warmth and hospitality of the people of Kenya experience here in Malindi.

Red Knobbed Starfish - Malindi, Kenya

Malindi Kenya, which is known for being the "cleanest town in Kenya", is a wonderful African beach destination where visitors can enjoy a fun, interesting, and relaxing getaway. Centrally located on the Kenyan coast, Malinidi is within a couple hours of Mombasa and a short flight or seven-hour bus ride from Lamu, both of which are also top Kenya vacation destinations.

Malindi holidays are extremely popular with Italian tourists, though more and more people across the globe are becoming aware of all that this coastal city has to offer. Besides enjoying time at a Malindi beach, many visitors like to entertain the Malindi scuba and snorkeling possibilities. Dining in Malindi is also a top pursuit for those on Malindi holidays, and you'll enjoy a vast array of fares here, both local and international.

The renowned woodcarvers that call Malindi Kenya home can whittle up something special for interested visitors, and there are enough tour guides here to make planning side trips a breeze. A seaside resort that is sure to cure your woes, Malindi Africa has got plenty to boast about. Ever since the fourteenth century, Malindi Kenya has been primarily a Swahili settlement. As far as East Africa is concerned, Malindi has long been one of the more important settlements, a distinction it shares with Mombasa.

The history of Malindi is very much tied to that of Mombasa, both having been visited by the Chinese explorer, Zheng He, in the 1400s, and later by the famous Portuguese explorer, Vasco da Gama, in 1498. Evidence of da Gama's visit can be found at the Pillar of Vasco da Gama, which is a coral pillar topped with a cross.

Vasco Da Gama Monument - Malindi,Kenya

One year after da Gama signed a trade agreement with Malindi officials and grabbed a guide(s) to help him on his subsequent voyage to India, the Portuguese returned to establish a trading post here that also served as a sort of rest stop for those traveling to India. Those on Malindi holidays will also likely want to at least catch a glimpse of the old church here that dates back to this time. The Juma Mosque in Malindi Africa is also a tourist draw, and just south of Malindi, the Gedi Ruins, which date back to the thirteenth century, beckon curious tourists.

There are certainly enough historical buildings and sites of importance to keep you busy in Malindi Kenya. Aside from historical and cultural pursuits, many visitors make a point to explore the Watamu and Malindi Marine Parks, which were established mainly to protect the coral reefs found offshore.

There are a number of qualified guides in Malindi Kenya that can help you enjoy these marine parks.Whether you're interested in a Malindi scuba trip, or perhaps prefer to go snorkeling, the underwater sights are simply dazzling. Among the protected coral reefs are scores of colorful fish, such as angelfish and triggerfish. For those who might not be comfortable with a Malindi scuba or snorkeling excursion, you can always arrange to head out on a glass-bottomed boat to explore the spectacular coral gardens.

Many of the top Malindi hotels have Malindi scuba tours to offer, but if your hotel doesn't, the staff should at least be able to hook you up with a competent tour company. Malindi holidays, as you can see, can be very rewarding, and chances are good that you might end up staying here a bit longer than you anticipated. The slow pace of life and the friendly locals are just part of what makes Malindi Kenya such a prized destination.

Some of the best Kenya resorts are found in and around Malindi, and the Malindi beach experience is simply hard to top. For those interested in learning more about Malindi Kenya once they get here, the Malindi Museum is highly recommended. Their friendliness and welcoming attitude among others is a charm that cannot be rivaled in any other tourist destination the world over.

Malindi Beach

Malindi is known for its culinary prowess with its restaurants, hotels, coffeehouses and other eating places offering a wide range of cuisines ranging from local flavors to international cuisines. The revival of the architectural industry and carpentry specializing in local wood artifacts is something to be savoured by all visitors. Malindi has got various woodcarvers who can make very unique furniture and also the famous Lamu beds. There are also local tour guides to take you around to exotic places you have never seen before!

Given that Malindi is a seaside resort, visitors go out swimming in the warm waters, go deep sea fishing or visit the marine park alongside sunbathing and other beach sports in this lovely aquatic paradise. Various other activities, religious, cultural and other activities which involve the whole of Malindi community do take place and tourists are invited to attend such functions and have a feeling of being part of the community.

For example, participation in beach cleaning, tree planting and religious festivals. Visitors can also visit the popular Malindi Marine National Park. The park, which is protected, has fine beaches, clear water and very colorful fish.

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