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Kijani House Hotel, Lamu, Kenya

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Kijani House LamuOne of the few unspoiled spots in the is Lamu, a isle town in Kenya where the reach of the stresses of modern life doesnt not permeate. The only way to reach Lamu is by chartered airplane.

In Lamu you will find peace for your weary soul among people that will welcome you hospitably with smiles that bespeak earthly values as opposed to material ones. Life in Lamu has a distinctly Arab-oriental flavor; the ladies scurry down back streets wearing buibuis (black cloaks which cover them entirely).


In the evenings, as you stroll down the walks, the thick scent of Turkish like coffee fills the air, inviting you into the restaurants for authentic meals shared with friends and family. Back at your hotel, your room awaits you. Each room has a bathroom and a balcony or veranda facing the garden and the sea. The rooms are spread throughout the garden into three small separate traditional Swahili buildings which formerly were private homes.

The staff welcomes you into the fold of luxury, while the kitchen offers you all types of fish, lobsters, crabs and prawns, fresh from the sea. Meat and vegetable dishes are also available. The cuisine has strong African and Italian influences. Home-made bread, marmalade and yogurt with are made specially for guests.

Lamu is a small, welcoming town, with many restaurants and great places to see. The streets of Lamu are narrow, cool and quiet. Lamu mosques are also found around the town. The 18th century traditional Swahili courtyard houses are interesting to view. Inside they are extravagantly decorated with rich and masterfully carved plaster ceiling friezes, wall panels and complex wall niches, and beautifully carved trifoliate arches.

The Lamu Museum is a must-see, and gives an excellent introduction to the town and the region, both past and present. The exhibits include the material culture of the archipelago, ethnographic tableaux of neighboring coastal peoples, as well as a collection of maritime artifacts and model dhows. The Lamu Fort is another attraction.

There are intriguing ruins that you can see, by taking a forty-five minute walk south along the beach. The ruined town of Takwa lies across the channel and up a narrow mangrove creek on a Manda Island. It can be approached only by boat and only on a rising tide. Wander among fabled baobab trees and the remains of a 16th century Swahili town.

Kijani House Hotel Photos

Nairobi Serena Lounge
Kijani House Hotel Lamu - Balcony
Kijani House Lamu - Bathroom
Nairobi Serena Hotel - Suite
Nairobi Serena Hotel - Conference
Kijani House Lamu - Pool Side

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Feedback From Clients

Mary Glen

Hi Daves, I want to thank you for arranging such a delightful trip for us. After we had been in Swala Camp, Sig said, "I could go home today and be very happy"! Little did we know that each camp was going to get more elegant and more fun! I suspect that you thoughtfully told the camps to put us as close to the dining room as possible, because of my walking problems, which they did. In fact we were right next door to the dining room at Crater Lodge. Thank you for doing that. And thank you also for the surprise song, dance and special cake that was presented to us on our last night at dinner. Not only was it the kitchen staff, but also our butler, our ranger and the manager of the camp joining in. I suspect you will be getting requests f...

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