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Diani House, Mombasa South Coast , Diani Beach, Kenya

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Imagine a place with golden-white beaches that stretches on as far as your eye can see. Overhead you hear the sea gulls as they swoop and swoon in the electric orange light of the fading sunset while you, perched up on a sun lounger sipping cocktails, relax as if in some blissful dream amidst a tropical coastal forest.

Such a place exits. This is Diani House, located in Mombasa amidst some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and it isn't an unreachable fantasy - it is reachable by air transfer from Nairobi to Moi Airport.


Diani House accommodates up to 12 guests in 4 en suite double or twin rooms, with an additional two-roomed family cottage with shared bathroom. Cottages have verandas. The cuisine is mouthwatering just thinking about it: fresh caught, home cooked cuisine, including seafood direct from the ocean, prepared by the chef and presented beautifully to you.

There is an emphasis on fresh local produce: fish and shellfish straight from the ocean. Not to mention the sweet tropical fruit; colourful salads and crunchy garden vegetables. The cuisine is spiced up by local spices and exotic flavours.

The sea is the most patient and providing mother to all guests; not only is the cuisine mainly caught from the sea, but the sea also provides a host of entertainment for guests ranging from relaxing cruises to water sports. Try your luck at deep-sea fishing, and if you don't catch anything, at least you'll enjoy the exhilaration of going out to sea on a fishing boat with tons of power. Water sports are another exciting alternative. There is a launch for boats and water sports equipment.

Dolphins are seen riding the crests at dawn, or take a cruise at sunset; tumble down the coast in your guided boat as if in some drunken bliss of pleasure, drinking down not only the superb sundowners but the sun as it melts on the horizon, casting the beautiful land into magnificent relief. Snorkeling the coral gardens of the fringing reefs provides a welcome visual affront to your senses as colours explode before you as only the sea could provide for.

For the slightly more itchy, restaurants, bars, casinos and hotels are your pole against which to rub the insatiable back of your need for excitement.

Diani House Photos

Nairobi Serena Lounge
Nairobi Serena - Dining
Nairobi Serena Hotel - Garden Suite
Nairobi Serena Hotel - Suite
Nairobi Serena Hotel - Conference
Nairobi Serena Hotel - Pool Side

Nairobi Serena                       Hotel


Feedback From Clients

Collins & Gary Pink

My wife & I have been back home for a little over a week now. After being gone so long, it took a while to get caught up. Excluding some communication problems between us and Leopard Safaris which was a little nerve racking to say the least, our trip was everything we hoped it would be.OUTSTANDING! I would like to say Faustin, our driver/guide, did a wonderful job. He was always friendly, patient, helpful & fun to be around. He took the extra step to assure our safari was sucessfull. His experience, knowledge of the areas & wildlife was exceptional. The only thing better was his keen eyesight. Ours hearts went out to Faustin, who without complaining suffered with malaria the last several days of our trip. I've always believed a driver/guid...

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