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Kenya Great Migration Safari


Safari Land Cruiser - Kivulini SafarisBook now a 09 Days The Great Migration Safari tour for only 10 to 15 participants, from 10 till 18 Sept, 2014 in the famous Maasai Mara in Kenya.

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Maasai Mara Giraffes on Water pond

Explore,Dream & Discover the World in Style

The success of tourism in North, Eastern and Southern Africa including the Indian Ocean Islands, depends upon the gift of a unique natural habitat for the wildlife and an outstanding phenomenon that is essential at ensuring that all visitors coming to Africa either on Safari or The Beach Holidays thoroughly enjoy their vacation to the maximum.
Wildebeests - Maasai Mara Kenya

Mara Wildebeest Migration

Each year, nearly 2 million animals move through Tanzania and Kenya driven by seasonal rain and drought Read more...
Africa Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving - Beach Holidays

Mombasa is an island city and is the principal port and main gateway to Kenya and Uganda. Second only to Nairobi
Maasai Mara Ballon Safari kenya

Maasai Mara Hot Air Balloon Safari

The adventure begins just before dawn. Flames from the balloon burners light the darkness as the crews inflate their craft.

Africa Exclusive Safaris

Exclusive Safari Information

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Blue Train South AfricaThe Blue Train is unique - it is not merely a train but combines the luxury of the world's leading hotels with the charm of train travel. Think of it as an all inclusive luxury rail cruise with an opportunity to view South Africa's spectacular landscapes and visit interesting tourist attractions along the way.

Take a journey into a timeless world of grace, elegance and romance, where spectacular scenery stirs your imagination and luxurious comfort soothes your body and soul. Sit back, de-stress and relax.

This unique luxury recreation and business experience takes you where you want to go in an endless, five-star splendour. It pauses only to pick up prestigious World Travel awards for being a cut above the rest and the Diner's Club accolade for its connoisseur selection of South African wines.

The Blue Train cuisine puts sheer good taste on a plate while butler personal attention puts you on a pedestal. It's a journey of a lifetime for those who appreciate finer things in life.

Amagnificent Way to Travel

Blue Train - conferenceSouth Africa boasts a major international tourist attraction with the re-launch (September 1997) of a magnificent new Blue Train, voted "The World's Leading Luxury Train" at the World Travel Awards, for four consecutive years.

This is not merely a train but combines the luxury of one of the world's leading hotels with the charm of train travel. Think of it as an all inclusive luxury rail cruise with an opportunity to view South Africa's spectacular landscapes and visit interesting tourist attractions along the way. Once you are on board The Blue Train, you won't need an extra penny except to acquire personal gifts such as exquisite jewellry and The Blue Train branded mementos.

Since its launch in 1946, The Blue Train has been synonymous with elegance and luxury and this latest incarnation is guaranteed to make it the focus of global attention. With interiors created by a leading interior architectural design company, the new Blue Train rivals many a five-star hotel in terms of grace, ambiance, comfort and style. The suites have been superbly redesigned to offer discerning guests and travelers the best that modern technology and superior craftsmanship can offer.

Finally, to ensure the ultimate in hospitality, professionally trained personnel are on call for guests in each suite 24 hours a day. The 380-meter long (416 yards) train has 18 carriages, which accommodates up to 82 passengers and travels at a maximum speed of 110km/h (68mph).


Blue Train LocomotiveThe Blue Train operates a total of four routes. Offering the biggest attractions are, Pretoria to Cape Town or vice versa (1,600 kilometers or 994 miles), with guests spending one night on the train. Pretoria to Victoria Falls or vice versa (1,596km or 991 miles) offers a discerning traveler a glimpse of some of Southern Africa's natural beauties such as the great plains of the South West and Victoria Falls. During this trip, guests get to spend two nights on board The Blue Train.


With interiors created by a leading interior architectural design company, The Blue Train will rival many a five-star hotel in terms of elegance, grace, comfort and style. The suites have been superbly redesigned to offer discerning guests the best that modern technology and superior craftsmanship can provide.

Each Blue Train suite has a fully appointed en-suite bathroom, featuring either a bath or a shower. All suites are equipped with telephone, television monitor and individually controlled air-conditioning. A video channel allows guests to access short documentaries about the area through which the train is traveling.

The suites are fitted with water cooled air-conditioning system. Each suite has its own fresh air intake and individual coolant system. The passages are also air-conditioned with the same systems. Both suites and passages have the temperature adjusters and air speed regulators for individual preferred setting.

During cold periods, all the systems are provided with heating cycles, not only from the air conditioning unit but also via under floor heating. Guests may choose between a Deluxe and a Luxury accommodation.

Deluxe Accommodation:

Choice of twin-beds suite with a shower or a double-bed suite with a three-quarter size bath

Luxury Accommodation:

Choice of twin-beds or double bed, and a full size bath with hand shower. Luxury suites are also equipped with CD players and video machines.


Blue Train SuitesEach Blue Train has two lounges: the main lounge and the Club lounge. The Club lounge, has a more masculine ambiance and is expected to find flavour with those seeking a peaceful place for after-dinner cognacs, coffees or cigars. This area is the only section of the train designated for smokers. High tea is served each afternoon in the main lounge.

Another attraction of the opulent main lounge is the giant-size TV monitor revealing the unfolding scenery of the track ahead, courtesy of a camera mounted onto the front of the locomotive. The ambiance of the lounges is one of warm elegance. Large windows allow for panoramic views of the passing countryside.

The second Blue Train has a third lounge, which can be used as a 22 seater conference facility with laptop computer, overhead projector, video, slide facilities and other modern equipment that can cater for various types of meetings and conferences. If not used for conferencing, this lounge can be converted into an observation car.

All lounges are fitted with gas filled air conditioning systems. The temperature is centrally adjusted to a desired coolant temperature. During cooler periods, the under-floor heating provides guests with desired temperature to ensure their comfort at all times.


Blue Train - DiningA sophisticated, opulent atmosphere, gourmet menu and the finest South African wines sourced from boutique vineyards, make dining on The Blue Train a magnificent experience. The Blue Train's own creative team of chefs have created a menu to delight the most discerning palate.

Only the freshest ingredients meet The Blue Train standards. Meals and snacks are prepared in the streamlined kitchen, designed to The Blue Train engineers' exacting specifications.
Guests are offered a choice of entrees, soups, fish, meat dishes, desserts, coffee and cheese platters, all beautifully presented. Typically, South African cuisine includes, Karoo lamb, kabeljou, Knysna oysters, snoek, crayfish and impala. Also offered is an abundant array of the finest South African fruit and vegetables. Vegetarian, Kosher and Halaal meals are provided on request.

The Blue Train is a showcase for South African wines which have been selected to complement each course on the menu after meticulous consultation with top South African wine experts.

Breakfast, lunch and supper are the main meals and high tea is served each afternoon in the main lounge. During high tea, various snacks are served - these include cucumber sandwiches, dainty cakes, fresh scones and cream and other irresistible delicacies with an assortment of fine teas and coffees.

The Blue Train is equipped with the finest bone china, cut-crystal glasses and classic silver cutlery engraved with the familiar insignia. Dew-fresh flowers add emphasis to the attention to detail. After a spectacular African sunset, the individual lighting on each table gently highlights the beautifully detailed burled wood paneling and original South African artworks.

On- Board Services

The Blue Train has A maximum of 04 suites per coach.

To ensure the ultimate in hospitality, each coach has a professionally trained butler who is on call for guests in each suite to attend to their every need. The butlers are there to ensure that your journey is as memorable and comfortable as possible.

The Train Manager is also on call at all times. Guests can contact him anytime they require assistance on any matter; or when they require information pertaining to their journey.

The Blue Train on-board services include:
  • A variety of delicious snacks and beverages served in the suites, on request, by butlers;
  • A limited on-board laundry and valet service;
  • Safes are provided in all suites for the safe keeping of your valuable belongings;
  • A luggage van is available to store any additional luggage that a guest will not need during the journey.
  • All these services are included in the fare.
Trained first aid personnel are on board at all times. In the event of an emergency, doctors and medical personnel can be contacted at the various stations en-route; or flown in by helicopter.

Two engineers with specialized expertise on luxury trains are always on board The Blue Train and are happy to share their knowledge with train enthusiasts.

The telephone beside each bed allows guests to dial the Train Manager, the personal butler or the butler on duty 24 hours a day. Should a guest wish to make an external call (local or international), the staff will gladly assist them in doing so at a nominal cost. Fax facilities are also available on board.


Blue Train SuiteSouthbound, the train with its distinctive sapphire-blue carriages, was known as the 'Union Limited', and on its return journey, the 'Union Express'. People soon began referring to them as 'those Blue Trains' and so ...a legend was born. The Blue Train celebrated its 50th anniversary in February 1996. Although officially named The Blue Train in 1946, the train's enthusiasts trace its history to the 1890's and the discovery of diamonds and gold.

Before the turn of the century, advertisements, offering direct-route journeys to the gold and diamond fields of South Africa, were couched invitingly: "England to Johannesburg in 19 days, the first 17 across the ocean on board a Union or Castle line vessel to Cape Town, the remaining 2 on a train steaming through mountains and valleys and over the South African veld to Kimberley and the Reef."

"It is not difficult to imagine what conditions must have been like on these early trains. The extremes of heat and cold, the dust, the multiplicity of insects and the smoke and coal dust from the locomotive would all have added up to an experience of tedious discomfort," writes author David Robbins in The Blue Train (Viking).

But the accommodation and level of passenger comfort on the trains soon improved as the first years of the 20th century brought a new breed of trains which were considered to be the most luxurious anywhere in the world at the time.

These were the luxury precursors of today's Blue Train. While the hoi polloi roughed it with smut in the eye, prospectors and men of means were able to disembark at Table Bay and climb straight onto a train which boasted showers, washrooms, electric lighting, fans, oak-paneled dining saloons, smoking and card rooms. The Imperial Mail and the African Express were among the lines which provided these special services.

At the same time Cecil John Rhodes, who built his influence and wealth on the Kimberley diamond fields and who founded the De Beers Mining Company in 1880, was forging ahead with his dream of 'painting the map red', an euphemism for extending the British Empire. His dream was of a Trans-African railway between Cape Town and Cairo. Although this never materialized, he achieved the construction of a line between South Africa and, the then Congo Free State, formerly known as Zaire, now the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Soon after the turn of the century, the railway line from Cape Town reached Victoria Falls, enabling the luxurious Zambezi Express to make excursions there as The Blue Train does now, almost a century later. The Imperial Mail and the African and Zambezi Express trains were on par for comfort and champagne service.

By the early 1920s, however, the luxury Cape Town to Johannesburg trains were called the Union trains, with the Union Express running from Cape Town to the Reef and the Union Limited traveling the return route. Their accommodation became even more luxurious and spacious with the introduction in 1928 of articulated coaches equipped with heating, hot and cold water, bunk lights and bells for the summoning of the coach attendant.

In 1933, a new dining saloon called Protea was introduced on the Union trains. The new coach and attendant kitchen car were advanced in design and had revolutionary suspension. To demonstrate the smooth-running qualities of these coaches, a glass of water was filled to within 6,4 millimeters (0,2 in) of the brim during a test run. After more than 190km (118 miles) traveling at considerable speed, not a drop had been spilt.

The exterior of Protea was finished in very distinctive colors: azure and cream with a silver roof. By 1936, both the Union Express and Union Limited were painted in the same livery. Three years later, new train sets made in England were placed in service. Luxury all-steel, air- conditioned trains, they were finished in blue and grey and became even more popularly known as "those blue trains".

World War II caused a suspension of service which was only resumed in 1946.

"The Blue Trains re-emerged as the premier express between the mail-boats in Cape Town and the industrial and economic hub of the country some 1,600 kilometers (994 miles) to the north- east. Only this time, the locomotives which hauled them carried a new name board: Blue Train," writes Robbins.

Steam reluctantly gave way to electrification and diesel as the grand all-steel blue icon adapted to progress, tirelessly journeying backwards and forwards. More and more people booked on The Blue Train for the sheer pleasure of the experience rather than the business orientation of its early history.

But time and wear was taking its toll on the grand old train and in 1965, the decision to build a new Blue Train was taken by railways management and detailed design specifications were prepared. The opening paragraph of the specification document summed up the intent as follows: "These trains are to be of a standard of luxury and quality of material and workmanship equal to the best in the world."

Tenders came in from all over the world but it was the South African Union Carriage & Wagon Company outside Nigel (45km or 28 miles - east of Johannesburg) that won the commission in 1968. While the new train was being created, a Blue Train Anniversary Special set off on a historic run from Johannesburg to Cape Town on April 11, 1969. It was a memorable occasion with two mighty old steam steeds - the 16E 855 and 16E 859 - resurrected to pull the train.

The sense of gaiety on the platform next to the locomotive was briefly tempered by a scene, both heart warming and nostalgic. A contingent of retired drivers had formed up alongside the 16E to have a group photograph taken. Most of these men had, in their day, driven The Blue Train or its predecessors like the Union Limited. What memories must have come rushing through their minds as they saw a steam locomotive once again at the head of South Africa's crack express.

The second generation Blue Train was completed in 1972. It became a symbol of luxury, sophistication and technological progress. Largely constructed by South Africans, the train incorporated the latest railway technology from Britain and Germany.

Beyond the technology, The Blue Train's reputation for comfort, excellent service, food, punctuality, Irish linen, crystal and silverware in the heart of some of the world's most rugged and spectacular scenery, soon spread around the world.

But in 1995, after 25 years of service, ...
African LeopardWe pride ourselves on crafting itineraries that not only correspond with seasonal wildlife patterns but that also take into consideration your specific tastes and interests. Planning a safari is quite unlike the planning for most of your previous travels. The preparation and anticipation of the actual trip can be almost as exciting as the safari itself! Below are the main questions you should ask yourself in beginning the planning process. We suggest you take some time to read through these questions and think about or jot down your responses to them.

Then once you have a better idea of your preferences, we can talk about how to match your interests and requirements to the destinations, accommodations, tours and activities that best suit your criteria. So the idea is to take it step by step, from Safari to booking your own, personalized “dream trip to Africa”.

Once you have a clear idea of the kind of safari or tour you want, you can search our Find Your Adventure section for a personalized selection of trips. We look forward to working with you through this discovery and educational process towards the goal of helping you decide on the perfect safari adventure!

When Is A Good Time Of Year Travel?

Our goal is to get you as close to the action as safely possible by putting you in the right place at the right time. Wildlife concentrations are extremely seasonal and depending on which month you plan to travel your safari itinerary will need to be tailored to take advantage of the greatest game concentrations available.

Let us know which month you plan to take your safari and we can recommend not only the best parks to visit but also the best areas within each park to focus your safari. If you have more flexibility in your schedule, we can certainly recommend the best months for your safari depending on your specific interests and requirements.

You will hear varying ideas about the timing of your trip, but keep in mind that people travel year round to all the destinations on this website. Each season has its advantages, so if you have fixed dates for travel, chances are you will be able to have a great trip no matter where you are going. It is important to understand the seasonal trends and how they will affect your trip; but remember that weather is variable and so it is quite possible to go for days without rain during the peak of the rainy season, or have thundershowers in the middle of the dry season.

The drier seasons are generally considered preferable for game viewing. Dry weather offers more reliable road conditions and in the winter months, milder daytime temperatures.

Dry spells force game to congregate around the limited water sources, and sparser foliage makes the animals somewhat easier to find and see. While these are prime game viewing conditions, bear in mind that naturally, all properties enjoy their highest occupancy, and game reserves and parks endure more traffic, during these dry seasons. When considering smaller, more intimate, safari camps and lodges, it is necessary to book well in advance, particularly for travel from June through October.

East And Central Africa

The long rains are from early April through early June, and the short rains from late November through December. It is often less expensive to travel during these rainy seasons. Dry seasons offer excellent visibility and more reliable road conditions, and game tends to congregate around the limited water sources, making the animals easier to find.

July and August are generally extremely busy in East Africa, offering comfortable temperatures in addition to being a popular time for travel worldwide, so be sure to book well in advance. December sees increased local tourism, so expect holiday surcharges and limited availability. In the Maasai Mara and Serengeti, the movements of the migrating wildebeest contribute to the desirability of certain areas at certain times, and this might influence your itinerary, selections or costs.

Southern Africa

The period of the rainy season (characterized mainly by thunderstorms during the afternoon) runs from late November through mid-April in the safari regions; however, the southern Cape and coastline of South Africa is experiencing summer at that time and is a wonderful place to visit. This area can also be cold and rainy during their winter from June through August.

Often high season rates for the safari regions go into effect in July so it is sometimes possible to save a bit of money by traveling prior to that, in the shoulder season. May and June can be delightful months to travel. December sees massive local tourism, (e.g., summer school vacation combined with heavy holiday traffic) so expect holiday surcharges, crowded beaches and limited availability throughout.

Due to the smaller size of safari camps and lodges in southern Africa, it is necessary to book well in advance, particularly for travel from June through September.

Indian Ocean Islands

Generally the weather is similar to that of southern Africa, with the summer rains lasting from November through April, with occasional cyclones during that time. The dry season from May to October is ideal.

How Is My Budget?

Every custom tailored safari is unique and costs vary significantly depending on the length of the safari, type of lodging and month of travel. One way to plan your safari is to let us know your estimated budget and we can tailor your itinerary to fit within this amount.

Alternatively, we can run several optimal itineraries with different prices based upon your requirements by varying levels of accommodations and number of days. You can than make an informed decision on what is right for you as you will have several different itineraries and prices to compare. This is one of the most important questions to consider when selecting a trip. While there are some travelers for who cost considerations are not an issue, most of our clients want to work within a budget and have a specific price range in mind.

This is an extremely important criteria in helping us select an appropriate safari for you. The adage, “you get what you pay for,” probably holds true when planning a safari. There is a safari priced for just about everybody, but there are major differences in accommodations, services, transportation and food.

It’s important that you consider how much “roughing it” you’re willing to do before you plan your safari. Whether you’re part of an organized tour or are interested in a custom designed tour for you and your family will also affect the price tag.

An experienced and qualified, specialty tour operator will be aware of the reputable and not-so-reputable safari companies, current prices as well as conditions in Africa that might impact on your trip. The following are factors that affect the cost of a trip

The Level of Luxury - Comfort

In reality, the more luxurious the safari, the more expensive the trip- Safari camps can range from $400 to $1000 per person per night, not including transfers from one region/camp to another, which are frequently by air.

However, the cost at most safari camps and lodges normally includes all your meals, game drives and most other game viewing activities on offer. Sometimes drinks and laundry are also included in the rate. So when you consider the additional cost of these other components, relative to the average price for a 4-5 star hotel (room only), the safari rate is quite a bargain! Always allow for tips and souvenirs when planning your “spending money”.

Exchange rates and fuel prices fluctuate, and can have an impact on the final cost of your safari in some cases. Similarly, governments periodically change visa fees, park fees, tourism levies or sales taxes, which can impact travel costs.

Try to determine what you can realistically afford, and keep in mind that in general, you get what you pay for: safaris are no exception. Do not buy into the popular misconception that because much of Africa is “third world”, accommodations and services are cheap.

At Kivulini Safaris Inc, we are admittedly fussy about the quality of service and lodging we offer, and we are especially particular about the guides and operators we use, because they will determine not only the success of your game viewing, but also the value and quality of the whole experience and eventually - your memories of Africa!

Duration of The Trip

The per-day-per-person-budget is a good rule of thumb for determining how long you can travel. Simply shortening a trip by a few days can sometimes cut the cost by hundreds of dollars. Moving around less usually saves on costly transfers or regional flights and can also make for a more relaxed, focused experience.

With most camps and lodges, three nights will afford you a good opportunity to see what characterizes the area, and to partake in all the activities on offer at a relaxed pace. Moving around more can often result in seeing less of what you traveled to Africa for in the first place! On the other hand, the time and expense in getting to Africa is significant, so we would encourage you to spend as much time as you possibly can in this amazing part of the world.

Rushing your trip to save money is rarely worthwhile, and while many clients find themselves going back time and again, Africa is still a distant and a remote destination – and this might be one of few, if not your only opportunity to go on safari!

The Selection Of Luxury Camps - Lodges And Hotels

Kivulini Safaris Inc. has always maintained complete independence and objectivity when selecting and recommending specific safari camps, lodges and hotels for our clients. This allows us the freedom to combine whatever areas, properties and activities we believe will suit you best, without the limitations and extra cost of inbound operators or destination managers.

We enjoy a great reputation and wonderful relationship with properties and ground handlers all over East and Southern Africa, and as our client, you share in the advantage of various preferred rates, combination packages and incentive fares, as well as preferential treatment as very important guests! Let us suggest the ideal combination of properties, venues, activities and destinations for your trip to ensure that you have not only the best possible safari experience based on your own interests and preferences, but also the best value for the money that you’re spending on this dream trip!

Activities - Seasons

The safari portion of your trip is likely to be the slightly costly. Safari camps are generally all-inclusive, which means the cost of the accommodations, meals, guides, game activities, and park entry fees are included.

Staying at a hotel or a luxury beach resort is often less expensive than a safari camp because you pay for meals, tours and other activities, on an “a la carte” basis as you choose during your stay. Combining a safari with a few days at the beach or with a self-drive tour along the Garden Route in Cape Town in South Africa, for instance, can make a trip more affordable.

High season tariffs can vary quite dramatically from the low season rates for the same safari camps and lodges. Rates for high season are applicable for a reason, as often the game viewing is at its best during these times of year and space is at a premium.

However, if peak game viewing is not critical and you are flexible with your travel dates, you can still have a wonderful safari experience at a considerably lower price when traveling in low or “green” seasons. The bonus is that you will find the areas less crowded and have less difficulty confirming space.

What Is My Preferred Travel Style

This is probably the least tangible of all the factors, but one of the most fun to determine. For example, are you the “cruise ship type” who only looks to un-pack once and be transported from one place to the next with little or no input as to what you see and do? Or are you more “hands on” and look to be more interactive when it comes to the planning of and participating in your safari?

Executive - Luxury - Deluxe - Moderate

The level of accommodation that you are expecting on safari is important to consider. Do you want unabashed luxury or 2-man dome tents or something in between? While this is very much a function of personal style, as well as budget, we prefer to design an itinerary with consistent levels of accommodation throughout.

It is possible to combine different levels of accommodation on different parts of your trip; however we are adamant that you have the right expectations for each of the places you go. One of the most significant differences from one safari to another is in the degree of luxury, reflected of course in the price. High-end safaris will transport you by small plane, always with a guide, to posh lodges with every comfort.

You’ll find dining and lounging facilities and a bar in a main building offering lots of African atmosphere. You’ll be accommodated in a private bungalow or permanent walled tent (complete with toilet and shower) under a thatched roof. Mid-range safaris will offer some similarities, but you’ll probably be transported by The luxury Safari minibuses (in East Africa), not by plane; and you may be transferred from place to place without a guide. You may stay at larger lodges, with more fellow guests and less personal service or at somewhat less luxurious lodges.

Service is mostly up to you. Some budget safaris use permanent campsites with tents and showers already in place. However, at the lowest prices, you may end up pitching a well-worn tent yourself and sleeping on the ground on a too-thin mattress. You’ll make do with an outdoor latrine and shower, or none at all, and lend a hand preparing meals you won’t write home about. On the plus side, you’ll actually be camping in the bush - like a real safari - and you’ll meet budget travelers from around the world. But if budget is what you are looking for, make sure that camping is your “thing”.

Tailor Made - African Safaris

Your African safari will be custom tailored to be the perfect fit for you to fulfill your unique safari dreams. Everything will be based on YOUR interests, time frame, accommodation preferences, and budget. Itineraries can be designed for couples, families or friends, or for specific animal, cultural or photography interests. You have the freedom and flexibility to customize your itinerary how you best see fit, but of course you are not on your own in the planning! Our expert staff is there to assist you every step of the way in planning your safari, utilizing our experience to help you optimize your itinerary based on your interests and seasonal wildlife highlights. The result will be the trip of a lifetime.

Posh Lodges - Deluxe Hotels

Opulent permanent tented camps or real camping, luxury style? We offer a variety of lodging combinations, and you may choose the style of accommodations that best fits your specific interests and budget. We do not have set itineraries or “biased” relationships with any major lodging chain over another.

We are able to make reservations at any of the lodges and do so based purely upon your interests, budget, and what makes the most sense in terms of where the migratory animals will be located during your month of travel. As we work to-gether to design your perfect itinerary, our staff will help guide you to choose appropriate accommodations.

Do you have a preference on what time of year you wish to travel? How many days can you spend? One of the most commonly asked questions by our first time clients is “what time of year is the best time to go on safari?” The answer to this question lies hidden in your interests, time constraints and budget - and we’ll help you find it.

With our expert knowledge of the different regions and wildlife habits, we’ll also assist in guiding you to the optimum locations that will maximize your game viewing opportunities no matter what season you decide to travel.

No matter the style of accommodations you select or what time of year you choose to travel, all of our trips are adventurous, educational and safe. We are committed to work with you to design the most optimal itinerary.

For many, an African Safari is the fulfillment of a lifelong dream. Planning the fulfillment of such a dream is nothing less than an art, and should be tailored for each client to make sure the experience exceeds his or her wildest expectations.

Exclusive Private Safaris And Tours

Are you interested in seeing the African Wildlife? Maybe it is your dream to experience the legendary wildebeest migration, or you want to photograph elephants at sunrise. Maybe your favourite animal is the giraffe or zebra, or you just can’t wait to see the rare black rhino in its natural habitat. Maybe you are more interested in viewing different species of birds.

It may sound rather obvious, but one thing we’ve found from our many years of experience in this industry is that different people are all interested in different things. This of course is a simple fact of life, and it doesn’t become a problem until these different interests start competing with one another on a group safari.

One person might be set on photographing a Lilac Breasted Roller perched demurely on a branch in the perfect light, while another person is anxious to follow that pride of lionesses getting ready to hunt. One person might want to leave the lodge before sunrise to see animals in their more active states, while another party wants to enjoy a hearty breakfast at the lodge. The unfortunate result of trying to force different priorities into the same agenda is often disappointment by one or more parties.

With a private safari, the risk of compromising your once-in-a-lifetime-trip to accommodate the once-in-a-lifetime-trip planned by somebody else is effectively eliminated. So why jeopardize the success of your dream by joining a group safari with strangers? Why worry about being crammed into a vehicle competing for the best seats and views? Why compromise your interests for the agendas of others? Don’t make that mistake. Together we will work to design the perfect trip of a lifetime - exclusively yours.

Private Safari Advantages

No mixed groups, no competing for views with strangers and no conflicting interests. With Kivulini Safaris Inc, you will enjoy the private use of a specially outfitted 4-wheel drive Stretched Land Rover providing for maximum flexibility, comfort and wildlife viewing. You will have complete use of this vehicle with unlimited game drives for the duration of your safari.

You are in complete control of when, where and how long you game drive, what animals you look for, how long you stay at each sighting and when you return - it is all up to you. Your private guide will have expert professional knowledge about each area you will be travelling, and he will be completely devoted to your party - answering all your questions and tailoring each day to maximize your interests.

Personalized Wildlife Viewing

You decide which animals and corresponding habitats to seek out and how long to spend with each sighting. You may choose to focus on the predators (lions, cheetahs and leopards), the large herbivores (elephants, giraffes, rhinos, zebra, and the wildebeest migration) or perhaps a mix of species. The bottom line is that individual animal preferences are extremely varied and with a private safari you get to spend the time enjoying the animal species that interests you.

Exclusive Access to The Game Reserves

Timing is everything and knowledge is the key. All day game drives are a must to access the more remote areas of the parks. A private safari affords the flexibility to fully explore the secluded areas of the Serengeti, which cannot be accessed on traditional packaged tours. This feature, combined with our exclusive access to certain areas, allows for the most spectacular game viewing in several hidden gems of the Serengeti including Barafu Kopjes, Lamai Triangle, Gol Kopjes, Hidden Valley, Wogakuria Plains, Matiti Plains and the Sametu Marsh.

A private safari simply provides the best way to experience the parks, wildlife and scenery of Africa. It offers the freedom, flexibility and choices that you deserve. A place as wild and spectacular as the Maasai Mara is sometimes best absorbed in serene solitude with just yourself and somebody you feel comfortable with. We feel that it would be a great injustice to deal with political niceties, group dynamics, and catering to someone else's schedule while surrounded by one of the most untamed and prolific wilderness areas left on the planet.

Who is traveling with you?

The age range and makeup of your party should be taken into account. Some safari camps do not allow children under age 12; some mobile camping safaris do not allow guests over the age of 65. A family has different requirements than a honeymoon couple.

While some safaris are kid-friendly, keep in mind that a certain amount of quiet, concentration, patience, and immobility is required. If you are traveling on business, this may affect our suggestion for your safari; if you are traveling alone, some safaris are better choices than others.

What is your Safari group composition?

All of our safaris are strictly private to be shared with just you and your close friends or family. Let us know the expected size and composition of your party and we can tailor your safari itinerary accordingly. If you will be traveling with your significant other, we can focus your itinerary on the more intimate and romantic lodges and areas that will provide for an unforgettable luxury honeymoon or anniversary celebration.

On the contrary, if this is a family vacation with children, we can customize your itinerary to include the lodges and areas with family friendly facilities and activities such as swimming pools, cultural interactions, school visits, interpretive bushwalks and ecology lessons. Perhaps you will be traveling with close friends.

Once again, customization is the key that enables us to provide the appropriate accommodations and entertaining activities that best suits your group.

Most of our clients are well traveled and enjoy a combination of small group and independent travel. Group trips are generally no larger than 8 – 16 participants, with minimum and maximum age limits and set departure dates.

Independent travel is obviously much more flexible, allowing you to depart at any time, travel for as long as you wish, to the camps of your choice. While we call it "independent travel," there is always someone to meet you at the airport and transfer you to your safari camp or hotel, so even solo travelers can feel comfortable knowing that they will be well-looked after on the ground.

Transport by Road or Air?

Travel by road or air is an important question to consider in selecting a trip. Sometimes both options are not available – so the decision is essentially made for you. Travel by air, while generally more expensive, is the most efficient means of transportation, transferring you between safari camps easily and with plenty of time to enjoy activities at both camps, which is why you are on safari after all! Generally the planes are small, so those with difficulties with small aircraft should plan their trips accordingly.

Travel by road can be exhausting, covering considerable distances on dusty roads in safari vehicles and it is definitely time-consuming. Nevertheless, overland travel affords you the opportunity to see some of the countryside and local villages between destinations, perhaps giving you a more realistic glimpse into a day in the life of the people whose country you are visiting. For some travelers, this is the only way to go.

Professional Guides and Luxury Vehicles

We firmly believe that your safari guide is a critical component of the success of the overall safari experience. A great guide can make all the difference, and Kivulini Safaris Inc. endeavors to use the best guides available. East Africa is currently standardizing its guide requirements, while southern Africa has long been known for its lengthy and intensive guide training. In East Africa, you are likely to have the same guide throughout if traveling by road, which allows you to get to know him or her, and build upon each day's experiences.

If you are flying or traveling in southern Africa, you will have guides from each camp who are thoroughly knowledgeable about the concessions or National Parks that they traverse on a daily basis. Safari guides each tend to have their own personal specialty or area of expertise so you can benefit from the diversity of knowledge that each of these guides will share with you. Vehicles in southern Africa are generally open 4 x 4 land rovers or land cruisers, while most vehicles in East Africa are minivans with an opening roof hatch to allow you the best visibility this type of vehicle can offer. It is also possible to have a 4 x 4 vehicle in East Africa, although this option is more expensive.
United Airlines - International AirlinesListed below are the main International airlines we use. We base our choice on the most suitable airline for your tailored itinerary but are always happy to quote for another airline or class. Depending on your destination, we also use Air Namibia, Air Botswana and Virgin Atlantic.

Many of our clients enjoy traveling in Premium economy, a cross between business and economy classes. It offers larger seats and more legroom. An upgrade to business class is also popular, either for the whole flight or for the return leg only, a luxurious way to finish your holiday. Just ask for full details and prices.

Kenya Airways

Kenya Airways is fast becoming one of Africa’s leading airlines perhaps one of the reason’s why it’s known as the “Pride of Africa”. The airline is renowned for attentive in -flight courtesy, superb cuisine, state of the art innovation and great onward flight connections. Kenya Airways strives completely for a pleasurable fly experience.

Kenya Airways Plane
Kenya Airways is fast becoming one of Africa’s leading airlines perhaps one of the reason’s why it’s known as the “Pride of Africa”. The airline is renowned for attentive in -flight courtesy, superb cuisine, state of the art innovation and great onward flight connections. Kenya Airways strives completely for a pleasurable fly experience.

Kenya Airways operates the latest Boeing 777 aircraft from the London to Nairobi and either wide bodied 767 or 737’s for onward connections , in a two class configuration including Economy and Premier First or Business cabin.

Business Class

  • Complimentary domestic within flights to UK airports of departure.
  • Dedicated check-in desks and the use of a pre-departure airport lounge.
  • Spacious comfortable separate seats in a 2-1-2 configuration.
  • Complimentary amenity kits on night flights.
  • Choice of six course meals prepared by master chefs and complemented by an extensive range of award winning wines.
  • Personal video system, with a high definition 26.4cm (10.4”) screen stowed in the armrest, features individual video-cassette player and infra-red touch screen controls, with 18 video and 22 audio channels, plus 8 interactive games.


  • Spacious seats with lumbar support
  • Award winning choice of meals, accompanied by fine wines.
  • Personal seat-back multi channel entertainment screen, featuring latest movies, current affairs and music channels, plus interactive games.
  • External cameras give live view of take-offs, landings and en route scenery, while the flight map displays instant information about the progress of the flight

South African Airways

South African Airways (SAA) is the leading airline on the African continent and consistently receives awards from numerous top-rated publications and international organizations for Best African Airline. The airline is 72 years old and was one of the first national airlines in the world.

South African Airways

The customer comes first, always, at SAA. All front line staff receives extensive, ongoing training to ensure a customer-focused approach throughout the travel experience. SAA's readmission in April 2003 to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) gave it the opportunity to improve aviation infrastructure and encourage an open skies policy within Africa.

SAA is owned by Trans-net, the South African government transport body. The airline's almost 11,000 employees hold a 2% stake in the company. The airline carries more than 7 million passengers a year on a route network that serves 34 cities in 26 countries. According to Skytrax, the British experts on airline rankings, SAA features as one of the top ten international airlines with a product offering and service standards in keeping with international best practice. SAA’s Business Class seat was also ranked as the world’s best lie-flat seat on an aircraft in 2004.

SAA has a fleet of 58 aircraft including brand new Airbus A340-600, A340-300E and A319 aircraft as part of its fleet renewal programme: SAA Technical, the largest maintenance facility in Africa, performs maintenance work for more than 40 major airlines.

Ethiopian Airlines

Ethiopian Airlines (Ethiopian) is the flag carrier of Ethiopia. During the past sixty plus years, Ethiopian has become one of the continent’s leading carriers, unrivalled in Africa for efficiency and operational success, turning profits for almost all the years of its existence.

Ethiopian Airways
Operating at the forefront of technology, it has also become one of Ethiopia’s major industries and a veritable institution in Africa. It commands a lion’s share of the pan African network including the only daily east-west flight across the continent. Ethiopian serves 53 international destinations with 157 weekly international departures from Addis Ababa and a total of 410 weekly international departures worldwide.

Further more, it is working diligently to make the Ethiopian Aviation Academy the leading aviation academy in Africa. Ethiopian is one of the airlines, in the world, operating the newest and youngest fleets.

Air Mauritius

Air Mauritius takes prides in its reputation for its legendary onboard Mauritian hospitality. The carrier operates a modern fleet of A340-300 Airbus aircraft for its departures from London Heathrow, configured in three classes and staffed by a highly trained multilingual flight crew.

Air Mauritius

First Class

The ultimate flying experience. With only 12 ergonomically styled leather sleeperate seats, at a pitch of 73” reclining to 157 degrees, arranged in a 2-2-2 configuration, Air Mauritius’ first class cabin resembles the intimate atmosphere of flying by private aircraft.

  • Dedicated check-in.
  • 40 kilos weight allowance.
  • Use of the pre-departure London Lounge at Heathrow.
  • VIP chauffeur check-in Mauritius, with direct access to the dedicated First Class lounge within the Le Terrasse lounge.
  • Pre-take off champagne.
  • Dedicated cabin crew.
  • Fast track disembarkation service at London Heathrow.

Personal individual video screens, stowed in arm-rests providing a complete centre of the latest international movies, documentaries and music to appeal all tastes. A complete library of the latest international news and life-style magazines

Complimentary bar, offering fresh juices can drinks, local and international beers, fine wines, champagne, premium spirits and liqueurs. Multi course meals created by master chefs

Club Mauritius

The cabin consists of just 33 soft leather seats. Each has a generous pitch of 38” with 27o recline, and is arranged in a 2-3-2 configuration.

  • Dedicated Club Mauritius counters at the airport
  • 30 kg weight allowance with priority handling
  • Access to Air Mauritius designated lounges
  • In Flight Menu – premium 6 course meal

Individual 9” seatback LCD touch-screen and noise cancelling headsets provide a complete centre of the latest international movies, documentaries, and music to appeal all tastes. A complete library of the latest international news and lifestyle magazines is also available.
110 v AC individual seat power supply.

Club Mauritius’ complimentary bar offers Champagne, specially selected French wines, aperitif, soft drinks and spirits. Meals service features Premium 6 course meal with hors d’oeuvres and choice of 3 main courses. Choice of hot breakfast

Economy class

The seats are spacious with a seat pitch of 33”, adjustable headrests and lumbar support. Seating is arranged in a 2-4-2 configuration.


All seats are equipped with a personal seat-back multi-channel screens. The entertainment system presents the latest Hollywood and Bollywood blockbuster movies, documentaries and children’s features. The system also offers an array of audio music channels to suit all tastes. Air Mauritius provides complementary headsets and there is even an at-seat international telephone system, accepting all credit cards.

Another useful onboard feature is the moving sky map, pinpointing the aircraft’s flight path and current geographical positioning.

Economy in-flight service includes a complimentary bar, offering fresh juices, can drinks, local and international beers, fine wines, spirits and liqueurs.

Two hearty meals are served in all flights between Europe and Mauritius, appropriate to the time of day. The onboard cuisine has been designed and arranged exclusively by acclaimed chefs. All flights feature a choice of either a European or speciality Mauritian dish.

British Airways

British Airways remains one of the world’s great carriers. It has a fine reputation for impeccable service and cutting-edge technology, such as the first fully-flat beds in business class, swiveling chairs to face traveling partners and luxury in-flight products.
British Airways
The airline boasts one of the newest fleets of aircraft in the world.

All international flights operated by Boeing 747 and 777 series aircraft offer four classes you can travel in World Traveler, World Traveler Plus, Club World or First Class service.

First Class:

  • Dedicated check-in with fast track, and a choice of check-in options.
  • Use of the exclusive British Airways pre-departure Terraces Lounges, and the arrivals lounges in London.

* Pre-departure lounges also available upon departure from overseas airports.

  • Personal ‘Demi’ travel space onboard creates an exclusive, private environment.
  • A la carte dining accompanied with the finest wines and champagnes.
  • Personal video player, with a choice of 25 movies from the onboard library together with 18 channels of TV, music and entertainment.
  • Pre-take off flute of champagne.

Club World

Fully flat bed - The first business class to feature a six foot completely flat bed, with an equivalent seat pitch of 73”

  • Dedicated check-in with fast track, and a choice of check-in options.
  • Use of the exclusive British Airways pre-departure Terraces Lounges, and arrivals lounges in London.

* Pre-departure lounges also available upon departure from overseas airports.

  • Ergonomically-designed armchair-style seat and footstool which converts into a 6ft fully flat bed at the touch of a button.
  • State-of-the-art, in-flight entertainment choice. A choice of up to 18 channels, and 12 channels of CD audio
  • Four-course meal served with the finest wines and champagnes.
  • “Raid the Larder” help-yourself service of treats and snacks in between meals.
  • Pre-take off flute of champagne.
  • Complimentary his and hers Molton Brown amenity kits.

World Traveler plus

A dedicated cabin with new interiors to set it apart from World Traveler

  • New wider seat with greater legroom - 38ins pitch compared to 31ins for World Traveler), with fully adjustable headrest, foot rest and lumbar support.
  • Seats set in a 2-4-2 arrangement.
  • Seat back entertainment offering 10 games and 18 channels of entertainment, comprising the latest blockbuster films, comedy, drama and news programmes.
  • Double hand baggage allowance. A two piece allowance of up to 12kg maximum or 9kg per piece, double the World Traveler allowance
  • Opportunities to earn extra Air Miles and Executive Club points.
  • Telephone check-in, dedicated fast baggage drop .

World Traveler

  • Economical designed seats pitched at 31”, adjustable headrests and footrests and more knee room.
  • Personal video screens and audio for every passenger, with at least 12 channels, including a dedicated children’s channel.
  • Enhanced catering service with new menus, changing every month.
  • Complimentary bar offering soft drinks, beers, wines and spirits.
  • A helpful approach to looking after families and children including: ‘Feed Kids First’ policy, special children’s meals, and Disney toys and games to keep children occupied. Britax seats for toddlers, complimentary baby cots and push-chairs.
  • Interior designs for aircraft include colours and fabrics to give a brighter fresher look.
  • Telephone check-in and the first fast bag-drop service for Executive Club Members.


KLM, the Dutch airline, offers an excellent service to many destinations in Africa. Operating a fleet of 747's and 777's it has a tie-up with Air France and Kenyan Airways. It has thee big bonus of offering departures from 12 regional UK airports to connect with the main intercontinental flight in Amsterdam.

KLM Plane - Take off

World Business Class

Comfort isn’t just about your seat. It’s about smooth, hassle-free travel. From the moment you arrive at the airport, you’ll discover the exclusive privileges of World Business Class.


  • Fully flexible reservation;
  • Quick passage through customs;
  • Advance seat reservation;
  • Dedicated check-in desks;
  • Lounge access;
  • Priority boarding and disembarking;
  • Extra baggage allowance;
  • 150% Flying Blue Miles.

Dining on board

  • Exquisitely prepared three-course meals served;
  • Menus designed with the Jeunes Restaurateurs d\'Europe;
  • Selection of fine wines by sommelier Hubrecht Duijker;
  • In between snacks and drinks available anytime

Seating & entertainment

  • Boeing 777 and Airbus A330: Experience our World Business Class sleeper seats with 170-degree recline, 190-cm length, privacy canopy, massage setting, laptop power, telephone, interactive entertainment system, video on demand and e-mail - text messaging to any e-mail address or mobile telephone anywhere in the world;
  • Boeing 747 and MD-11: Enjoy 150-degree recline, 60-inch seat pitch, and 12 audio and 12 video channels to choose from.

Economy Class

We’ll do our best to make you feel at home on board. You can reserve in advance to ensure you get the seat you prefer. During your flight, you’ll enjoy a full meal, refreshments from our drinks cart and, of course, the personal service of our crew. All aircraft feature a variety of audio and video entertainment. Our newest Boeing 777s and Airbus A330s are equipped with personal video screens in every seat and an interactive entertainment system complete with video games and individual telephones. You can even send text messages to any mobile phone or e-mail address anywhere in the world - and receive replies right at your seat! You’ll also have a selection of international newspapers to choose from. Shortly before arrival, you’ll see up-to-the-minute flight transfer information.

KLM is continuously working on improving onboard products and services in KLM Economy Class. Our catering, for example, places a high priority on freshness and quality: high-quality, freshly prepared sandwiches – made that very day – are served for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and you can choose from a wide array of beverages.

Swiss International Air Lines

(SWISS) serves 76 destinations in 40 countries all over the world (as of winter 2009/2010) from its Zurich hub and the further Swiss international airports of Basel and Geneva.

Swiss International Air Lines
SWISS is operating a 78-aircraft fleet. Switzerland’s national airline embodies traditional Swiss values such as ”personal service", “in-depth quality” and “typical Swiss hospitality” – we aim to make each and every customer feel at home on our flights.

SWISS is committed to the sustainable and careful use of resources at various levels, and considers a responsible attitude to the environment an essential part of its corporate culture. As a part of the Lufthansa Group, a Star Alliance member and a quality airline, SWISS stands by its mission to connect Switzerland with Europe and the rest of the world.


The multi-award-winning Emirates is fast becoming the ‘world’s’ airline. The carrier has won over 250 accolades, reflecting everything from its exceptional punctuality and impeccable standards to its innovations and the professionalism of its multinational crews. Emirates operate a highly advanced fleet of aircraft from its Dubai hub.Emirates operate a highly advanced fleet of aircraft from its Dubai hub.

Emirates Plane

First - Class

  • Complimentary chauffeur service to and from all UK airports
  • Complimentary domestic flights to UK departure airports
  • Dedicated check-in desks and the use of a pre-departure lounge.
  • Exclusive intimate cabin with privacy rooms and sleeper seats, with electronically-controlled leg rest and lumber supports and personal swivel tables.
  • Seven course meals, prepared by master chefs and served on Royal Dolton china, complemented by an extensive range of award-winning wines.
  • Personal video system, with a high definition 26.4cm (10.4”) screen stowed in the armrest, featuring individual video players and infra-red touch screen controls, with 18 video and 22 audio channels, together with 8 interactive games.
  • External cameras give live views of take-offs, landings and en route scenery, while the flight map displays instant information about the progress of the flight.

Business Class

  • Complimentary chauffeur service to and from all UK airports (mileage restrictions apply)
  • Complimentary domestic flights to UK departure airports.
  • Dedicated check-in desks and the use of a pre-departure airport lounge.
  • Spacious comfortable sleeper seats.
  • Complimentary amenity kits on night flights.
  • Choice of six course meals, prepared by master chefs and complemented by an extensive range of award winning wines.
  • Personal video system, with a high definition 26.4cm (10.4”) screen stowed in the armrest, featuring individual video players and infra-red touch screen controls, with 18 video and 22 audio channels, together with 8 interactive games.
  • External cameras give live view of take-offs, landings and en route scenery, while the flight map displays instant information about the progress of the flight.


  • Spacious seats with lumbar support
  • Award-winning choice of meals, accompanied by fine wines
  • Personal seat-back multi-channel entertainment screen, featuring latest movies, current affairs and music channels, together with interactive games.
  • External cameras give live view of take-offs, landings and en route scenery, while the flight map displays instant information about the progress of the flight.

Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines today is built solidly on our history, from the designer bone china flatware to the Bulgari cologne for First Class passengers, to our advanced fleet of aircraft and motivated employees.
Singapore Airlines
Today, our inflight service is of the highest order. The Singapore Airlines World Gourmet Cuisine boasts a selection of exclusive and tantalising signature dishes, specially designed by a panel of nine internationally renowned chefs, and a wine list selected by three of the world's most discerning wine consultants.

KrisWorld, Singapore Airlines' award-winning and ever-expanding inflight entertainment system, offers customers a wide range of entertainment options. Customers can choose from a variety of movies, TV programmes, music CDs and channels. There is also an extensive selection of video games and interactive applications including Berlitz Word Traveler, a fully interactive learning programme.

Singapore Airlines became a full member of the global Star Alliance in 2000 and with it came "seamless" worldwide air travel. With the extensive network of partner airlines, connecting flights, frequent flyer points, and baggage clearance are now a breeze.

Singapore Airlines’ route network reaches out to over 65 destinations in 35 countries.

Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways makes historic journey from London Gatwick to Doha, marking the world’s first commercial passenger flight powered by a fuel made from natural gas. The six-hour journey was operated with our Airbus A340-600 aircraft using Rolls-Royce Trent 556 engines.

Qatar Airlines

The State of Qatar is set to become the ...
African ConferencesPassion for creativity and an obsession for detail are the two concepts at the heart of every corporate meeting and incentive travel programme hosted by us. Our knowledge, innovation and event management team is at the disposal of planners from around the world.

Nairobi Serena Hotel - ConferenceBacked by 20 years of conservative and steady fiscal stewardship, our team brings enormous value to the planning and flawless executive of corporate events, both large and small.

We will work tirelessly to produce the best and the most effective solutions for our clients.

We are proud to bring our knowledge of World-wide destinations and long-term relationships with suppliers to help achieve your objectives.

Nairobi Serena Hotel - Conference RoomOur teams in Great Britain, Continental Europe, Russia, Africa, Canada and U.S.A combine to offer an unparalleled level of expertise in their respective geographies.

From dinner at the White House, The Burkin-gham Palace and at a Russian palace, to special access at the Vatican Museums or the creation of a themed gala dinner at a British stately home, you can expect the same efficient, versatile and professionally executed service.

Venue - Transport - Budget Control

Laico Regency Nairobi - Conference RoomWhatever the scope of your event, we will provide a full venue sourcing service with a focus on finding just the right venue in both size and character to meet your objectives.

From castles to stately homes, hotels to private homes, museums, theatres and sports stadiums, we will provide you with a perfect venue.

Food and beverage is a vital cog in the machinery of any successful event. Our F/B suppliers are selected for their quality and presentation and we will always choose the right supplier to meet the needs of your program, whether it is high quality packed lunches for 1000 delegates, a private dinner or a gala dinner for 500 in a stately home.

We offer a full F&B service, from the planning and Banquent   Dinner - The Stanley Nairobi execution of creative and unique events to recommendations and reservations for delegates on their night off. You can be sure that every detail of the evening will be carefully planned. We liaise between you and our chefs to produce creative menus and will happily arrange tasting until you are completely happy with the final choice of menu and wines.

Conferences - Incentives Travel Our comm...
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Feedback From Clients

Colman and Chris Handy

I just wanted to say thanks and congratulate you on a trip very well organized. It all went without a hitch and it's great to see Africa is as good as ever. The only place I probably won't visit again is the Chobe Safari Lodge. I think the standards have dropped there even since I was there in 2000. I can't believe how much Kasane has grown - I was last there in 2004 and almost didn't recognize it. The Marina Lodge looks very posh. Also, the Victoria Falls Hotel is looking fantastic after its refurbished. Such a wonderful hotel. Thanks again and we are already saving for our return trip to Africa!
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  • The Reed Dance

Africa Walking Safari Walking Safari Guide In the maze that is the travel world it is a relief to find a company who you can trust. Read more...
The Umhlanga Reed Dance The Umhlanga Reed Dance The reed dance is a spectacular annual event which has attracted thousands of tourists to the Kingdom of Swaziland . Read more...

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