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Mago National Park

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Bufallos in Mago National ParkMago National Park - 2,162 sq km, 770km southwest of Addis Ababa, on east bank of Omo river. 450-2,528m. Highest point is Mount Mago. Mainly grass savannah, some forested areas around rivers.

Conservation area for plains animals, 56 species of mammals: buffalo, giraffe, elephant, lelwel hartebeest, lion, cheetah, leopard, zebra, gerenuk, oryx.

Striated Heron (Butorides striatus)Mago National Park is in South Omo Zone, 35 km south-west of Jinka, the administrative centre of the Zone. The park lies to the north of a large 90 bend in the Omo River. To the west is the Tama Wildlife Reserve, with the Tama River forming the boundary. South of the Omo river is the Murle Controlled Hunting Area, with an important wetland Lake Dipa beside the river.

The park list currently stands at 301 species, including Somali?Masai biome species such as Acryllium vulturinum, Trachyphonus darnaudii, T. erythrocephalus, Mirafra hypermetra, M. poecilosterna, Tchagra jamesi, Lanius dorsalis, Prinia somalica, Nectarinia nectarinioides, Plocepasser donaldsoni and Speculipastor bicolor.

Sudan Guinea Savanna biome species are represented by the extremely uncommon Turdoides tenebrosus in dense riparian thicket at Lake Dipa and elsewhere, and Estrilda troglodytes in rank grass along streams and swamp edges.

Other species of interest include Phoeniculus damarensis, which has a very limited distribution in the south of the country, Porphyrio alleni (at least 50) and Butorides striatus (80+) at Lake Dipa, Pluvianus aegypticus and Scotopelia peli along the Omo River and Cossypha niveicapilla in the undergrowth of riverine forest.




Feedback From Clients

Gill Bradford Jones

Louis I had meant to get back with you as well. This was the trip of a lifetime! We had such an incredible experience. Cape Town was wonderful--perfect weather. Mala Mala was undoubtedly our favorite. Saw so much game and the guides now feel like extended family members. Vic Falls was beautiful but we weren't too crazy about the Zimbabwe experience. We didn't read enough of the fine print here--we might have been better off on the Zambia side. Seba Camp was the perfect ending to a memorable trip. I have 2000 photos and 3+ hours of video. It will be months of editing before I have something anyone will want to sit through! Thanks for all your help. We have some friends that will likely be contacting you to duplicate our trip!

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