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Egypt Travel Tips

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Egypt Camel TripsVisas - Immigration

Visas are required by all nationals except those of Malta and Arab countries. These can either be obtained from your home country at the the port and airport of arrival. If traveling overland visas can be obtained from neigh-bouring countries without much of a problem - you can apply for either a single entry visa which entitles the holder to a stay of up to one month and is valid for presentation for up to three months, or you can apply for a multiple entry visa which is limited for up to three visits. You cannot get a visa at the Israeli border.

Egptian PharaohThere is normally a two week grace period beyond the expiry date of your visa. Visas can be extended for up to a period of six months but you will normally be required to show you have sufficient to support your stay and show bank receipts proving you have changed sufficient money. Credit card receipts for purchases or cash advances are generally not accepted.

You can visit the Sinai area between the Israeli border crossing of Taba and Sharm el-Sheikh without a visa, but you will only be issued with a entry stamp enabling you to stay 14 days. It is no longer a requirement for nationals entering Egypt to register with the police within one week of arrival - this was abolished early 1997.


Most of Egypt is subtropical area, but the southern part of Upper Egypt is tropical. Northern winds temper the climate along the Mediterranean, but the interior areas are very hot. The temperature sinks quickly after sunset because of the high radiation rate under cloudless skies.

Rainfall averages about 2 inches a year, but sudden storms sometimes cause devastating flash floods. Precipitation often approaches 8 inches annually on the Mediterranean coast. Hot dry sandstorms, known as Khamsin, come off the Western desert in spring.

In Cairo, average temperatures range from 7 to 29°C (45 to 85°F) in January, while July averages range from 21.6 to 35.5° C (71 to 96° F). Relative humidity varies from 68% in February to over 70% in August to 77% in December. The winter months are considered to be December, January and February.


Most foreign currencies, cash or travelers cheque can easily be changed in Egypt. There are many exchange bureaus in the larger cities but they mainly only deal in cash. Visa and Master- card are good for cash advances and together with American Express and JCb cards and Eurocard can be used in a wide range of shops and hotels.

If you are traveling to lesser tourist areas the best currencies to have are US dollars, Pounds Sterling.

Banking are usually open Sunday to Thursday - 0830 to 1400 hours.

Travel Insurance

If you need medical care whilst in Egypt, it is best to be aware that medical providers may not accept payment through your insurance company. In these circumstances you will have to pay in full after your treatment and file a claim with your insurance company for reimbursement.

Therefore you should have access to cash, either from a credit card or by wire transfer. If you need assistance contact the country's local embassy or representative.

To be compensated you must be treated by licensed medical personnel and provide your insurance company with proper documentation and receipts. It is advisable to always ensure you have a comprehensive travel insurance policy which covers you for repatriation to your home country.

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