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Egypt Country Information

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karnak temple in luxor egyptEgypt is an African nation with its roots anchored deep in the bedrock of Mediterranean history. The River Nile, equally a transport system and a life -giving river artery, has been a conduit for human traffic between Africa and the outside world since the dawn of humankind, and remains the iconic geographic feature of the continent.

The search for the source of this great river absorbed the careers and lives of some of the worlds greatest explorers, pitted one European power against another, and set in motion the great age of African discovery.

It is Egypt’s extraordinarily long and sustained history that attracts a majority of the millions that flock to the country annually. While the entire Nile Valley is awash with monuments and archaeological sites, the principal areas of interest remain the Great Pyramids of Giza and the City of Luxor with its Temple of Karnak and Valley of the Kings.

The main cities of Cairo and Alexandria are both centres of historic significance themselves, and are known for a diversity of museums and monuments celebrating this cradle of ancient Mediterranean civilization.

Why Travel to Egypt

Scuba Diving in Sharmel - Sheilk,  EgyptEgypt is one of the more moderate countries within the Maghreb region of North Africa, and perhaps the most visitor friendly nation of the Middle East axis.

Although over-whelmingly Moslem, a degree of freedom of religion is practiced, with Egypt being home to the tiny Coptic Christian community.

The country has a highly developed, widespread and established tourism industry that in 2005 recorded some 8.5 million arrivals. Egypt is a link into the wider Arab world, and is now, as it has been throughout its history, poised on the point of contact between the great societies of east and west.

Apart from the obvious attractions of the country – its archaeological heritage being perhaps the most obvious – Egypt’s Red Sea is a popular dive destination, the region around Sharm el-Sheik, with its year round dry weather and warm, clear waters, being a particular favourite.

When to Visit Egypt

camel Trekking in EgyptThe best time to visit Egypt is during the winter months between October and May when temperatures are cooler and the air is clearer.

This is particularly the case if you intend to be out and about visiting historical sites and monuments. Along the coastal strip, up the length of the Nile, and in either of the main cities, any time of the year is conductive to travel.

Peak season is from late August to late November, with another short burst from March to May, so expect at those times to jostle with the masses.

Although the remaining months of the year are quieter, they are never really entirely quiet.

Feedback From Clients

James Loffer

Davies, I just wanted to tell you how much we all appreciated all your efforts and sound recommendations in setting up our safari in South Africa. It was a great experience, in a wonderful and beautiful country. Gomo Gomo was just the right type of safari camp for our purposes. They did a really nice job both in camp and on the visits into the bush. We got unbelievably close to so many of the animals. We recommend Gomo Gomo for anyone, not to mention your timely and responsive services. Thank you, from all the Loffer family.

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